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Pocket watch "Chelyabinsk" Артикул: W3300

Описание товара

Mechanical pocket watch Chelyabinsk watch plant "Molniya". A rare model of pocket watches with the emblem of the city of Chelyabinsk with a beautiful dial very beautiful lilac hue. Watch case with chrome white coating. When the spring of the clock mechanism is fully wound, the duration of the continuous stroke of the pendulum device is not less than 36 hours. The accuracy of the clock at an average ambient temperature of + 25 degrees is determined in the range of-20 to + 40 seconds per day. The kit includes a special hours factory chain Nickel coating having a robust carabiner and snap ring, factory warranty certificate and factory packing carton. The service life of the watch is not less than 10 years. The diameter of the watch case is 50 mm.

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