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Pocket silver watch "Non Magnetic" "Farmer" Артикул: W4656

Описание товара

Real rare Swiss pocket silver watch "Non Magnetic" "Farmer" in excellent safe and working condition. A collectible antique sample of a rare pocket watch. The production of the Swiss watch manufactory, made at the end of the XIX century. The case of the watch is made of 84-proof silver, in a three-wing design with a double-sided bas-relief decoration with beautiful rural subjects. There is a master's stamp on the cover of the watch case. The dial of the watch is bright white enamel with contrasting black large Roman numerals. The golden arrows are ornate, elegantly beautiful in shape. The hands are transferred by the clock crown when pulling out a special hidden key on the edge of the watch case, located between the values of IIII and V Roman numerals. The anti-magnetic mechanism of the watch is covered with electroplated gilding, thanks to which it has been preserved in excellent external and working condition. The diameter of the watch case is 54 mm. The watch will adorn an excellent collection of rare antique, truly rare artistically executed Swiss watches, and will also be a great gift for a person associated with rural labor and a farming lifestyle. The watch is equipped with a reliable waist watch chain with a convenient carabiner and a gift box made specifically for pocket watches.

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