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Pocket watch " P. Moser " blued Артикул: W7102

Описание товара

An old Swiss mechanical pocket watch, the famous watch manufactory of Paul Moser, in a rather rare steel anti-magnetic case with a blued surface. Production of the period of the First World War. The watch is in excellent working condition with a good accurate stroke. The two-lid case of the watch has a beautiful, effectively executed gilded thin contour, emphasizing at the same time laconism and excellent aesthetics of execution. The glass of the watch is natural mineral with an optical polished surface. The hands of the watch are gold-plated. The spectacular bright white enamel dial of the watch with beautiful contrasting black numerals has a slight cobweb in the area of the four-hour value, due to the rather old period of manufacture. The watch movement with ruby stones in excellent safe and working condition still provides high accuracy and duration of the watch. The diameter of the watch case is 48 mm. The watch is equipped with an antique chain with a small ring weave and is packed in a beautiful red gift box with a special base for truly collectible and rare watches.

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