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Pocket watch "Raketa Soviet» Артикул: W6821

Описание товара

Beautiful mechanical pocket watch Peterhof hour
plant "Rocket" excellent safety and performance.
Collection version pocket mechanical watch in white chrome
body with gold iridescent dial. Movement with Central
second hand and shockproof pendulum balance Assembly assembled at 19
ruby stones, has a calendar device of the day of the month, duration
move from one winding of the spring not less than 40 h. the Average diurnal +10-50
sec/day. The style of the dial has become very popular among
citizens of the USSR, the result of which is often gold metallized
dials with artistic ornament were used in the 70-80's in
modern models of wall and table clocks. And certainly in everyone's life
the person who lived in the USSR in memory will be remembered such remarkable and
reliable watch. And now you have a unique opportunity to dive
in this impression, embodied in a piece of preserved memories, presented
excellent product perfectly preserved Soviet pocket watches.

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