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Pocket watch "Farmer" Артикул: W0875

Описание товара

The watch company Non-Magnetic Watch Co was known and
popular in many countries of the world, including in Russia. The main business idea
of the watch company was the embodiment of the ideas of the inventor Charles-Auguste Paillard in
the creation of anti-magnetic watches. The rapid development of electric machines, the appearance
of magnetic fields in everyday life and in production made the problem of magnetization
of the balance spiral more urgent. Payllard experimented with gold and
palladium alloys, achieving isochronous properties of the balance spiral with complete
indifference to magnetic fields. Patented in 1885, palladium
the Payllard spirals not only coped perfectly with the magnetic problem, but also did not
succumb to corrosion. Actually, this watch has exactly such a palladium
spiral, it glitters and shines like new. Later, helicoid palladium spirals
were successfully used in high-precision marine chronometers. The watch is made
in a three-winged silver case of 84 samples, with an external diameter of 53 mm. The condition
is close to ideal. The dial is enameled, a magnificent font of Roman numerals. In good
condition, without chips and cracks. Signed by Non-Magnetic. Golden arrows, glass
mineral convex, well-preserved condition. The mechanism with gold-plated
boards and bridges, is signed Non-Magnetic. Lever translation of the arrows, the course is clear
and accurate, the condition of the mechanism is very good.

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