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POLJOT watch with silver metallic dial Артикул: W1677

Описание товара

A beautiful Soviet men's wristwatch in a round anti-magnetic case with a white chrome coating. Production of the end of the 80s of the 1st Moscow watch factory Flight, export edition series. A watch with a reliable clock mechanism with a central second hand, assembled on 17 ruby stones and a shockproof pendulum balance node. The housing has a high degree of dust and moisture protection, ensuring long and reliable daily operation. The energy dynamics of the clock mechanism at full winding of the clock spring is a period of at least 37 hours. The accuracy of the stroke is -20+40 seconds/day.The original design of the dial, with a combination of gold narrow brands of hour values on a silver background, beautifully shimmering in direct light, and gold hands, will appeal to the connoisseur of rare and original, reliable Soviet watches. The watch is equipped with a black leather strap with double tactile stitching. Additionally, a gift box of red glossy micro corrugated cardboard with a tempera decor is attached to the watch set.

Цена: 2 870 руб.

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